USのロウ・ブラック・メタル・プロジェクトUnholy Vampyric Slaughter Sectがニュー・アルバムをリリース

Overseas Release
Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect
「The World Trapped in Vampyric Sway (Darker and Darker)」

Raw  Black Metal

1.    To Love    04:55    
2.    Pummeled Flesh in the Mouth of the Virgin    03:08    
3.    Forced Genuflection on Adoring Gored Knees    03:33    
4.    Lunar Intrusion of the Crown Shaktra (Castration of the Inferior Aura)    07:38    
5.    And I Shall Come to Thee As An Iron Wolf    05:09